About Dr. Shruti

Dr. Shruti is a General physician, homeopath, nutritionist, childbirth educator and a medical researcher. Being from a family of homeopaths, she was always inclined towards holistic medicine and believed in addressing the root cause of any issue.


Her journey in Medicine

Dr. Shruti completed her MBBS under Maharashtra University of Health sciences (MUHS) in 2011. During her medical education and internship, she realized many dead ends in modern medicine which she felt alternative medicine (like homeopathy) could help fix. She then completed her Masters in Public Health and she worked as a medical researcher for a few years. She has published many research papers in well known medical journals during this time. 


​But her calling was always to practice homeopathy and hence she pursued a degree in homeopathy from the renowned Faculty of Homeopathy from UK and got trained in Royal London Homeopathic hospital. She was working part time as a homeopath in France and Ireland. She moved in to India in 2017 and has set up “The Purple Coat Clinic” to fulfill her vision.

Her journey as a childbirth educator

Dr. Shruti began her journey as a childbirth educator when she opted for a home-birth for her first pregnancy. She then got certified in Ireland as a doula and a childbirth educator. Combining this knowledge with her medical and homeopathic experience, she had a home-birth with no drugs/ interventions. You can read her journey in this article: https://connect.springerpub.com/content/sgrjpe/28/1. She also published her experience in “The Journal of Perinatal education”.


Her pregnancy classes are a culmination of her exciting journey through which she hopes to empower women to choose their birth journey. Her classes cover natural childbirth process, breathing techniques, pain relief methods, homeopathic support, pregnancy yoga, and pregnancy nutrition to support this amazing process.