Birth Positions

In my blog WHY NO LITHOTOMY, I have explained in detail why laboring on back is unnatural. Unfortunately, most gynecologists in India are unaware of this and are still using the archaic lithotomy position for birth. Here are some of the commonly used birth positions that are natural and use gravity in the process. The positions can be changed as per the comfort of the mother.  A doula, midwife or the doctor should guide the mother in using

Yoga Ball

these positions in case she is unable to remember so herself. 

  • Upright/ standing positions

    • Standing: alone or supported by partner, standing and leaning on wall/ bed

    • Kneeling: with support of ball , bed or partner

  • Squatting: with or without the birth stool, squatting and leaning over the ball

  • Lying down

    • Lying on back with both legs raised

    • Lateral position with one leg raised

  • On all fours: hand and knee position


Our pregnancy classes cover these extensively and also guides you to use your intuition when giving birth.


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