What is homeopathy?


Homeopathy is a system of medicine discovered by a German doctor Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. He was an allopathic doctor, who was unhappy with the existing system of medicine which involved use of heavy metals and poisonous substances to treat illnesses. Hahnemann discovered that the healing properties in natural substances is unlocked when they are administered in minute doses. The remedies are sourced from plants, animals or minerals. They are methodically diluted and potentized (a specific process activates the healing properties) and prepared into various strengths for administration. 

Benefits of Homeopathy

  • It’s safe for infants and children

  • It won’t interfere with your child’s natural growth.

  • It works by strengthening the immune system so the body can fight diseases more effectively.

  • It’s safe for pregnant and nursing women

  • It’s offers a cure for many chronic lifestyle diseases that can only be managed symptomatically with western medicine.

  • Each treatment plan is made for you, custom built for your body and symptoms..

  • There are peer-reviewed studies that show its effectiveness.

  • The correct remedy resonates with your specific symptoms and conditions so your body can adapt naturally and remove the limiting symptoms.

  • Homeopaths take into account your physical, emotional, and mental state when treating you.

  • It’s inexpensive and 40 million people around the world use it.

Homeopathy Can Cure

At The Purple Coat, Dr. Shruti Sridhar provides homeopathic care for all age groups including pregnant women and children. It can provide complete cure in a wide range of acute and chronic ailments without any side-effects. 


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