Homeopathy and Post-Partum Support

Homeopathy is a wonderful medicine to help the mother and the baby during this vulnerable period. It is gentle, safe, effective and free from side effects. It has no impact on breast-feeding and safe for the baby as well. Below are the common indications (although not extensive) for using homeopathy in the post-partum period:

Girl with Autumn Leaf

For mother:

  • Prolonged bleeding (lochia) after birth 

  • Weakness, fatigue, cramps, body ache, back pain

  • Fever or infection in the post-partum period

  • Breast tenderness, abscess, and nipple pain

  • Delayed or low milk supply

  • Baby blues (post-partum depression)

For baby:

  • Oral thrush (Candida)

  • Abdominal colic

  • Infection of umbilical cord

  • Fever, cold, cough or any acute infection 

  • Post-vaccination fever