Homeopathy Can Cure
Women's health

Pregnancy related issues
Breastfeeding issues
White discharge (Leucorrhea)
Breast Pain
Ovarian Cysts
Children's Health

Recurrent Cold & Cough
Immunity Boosting
Weight Gain/Poor Eater
Behavioral Disorders
Learning Disorders

Speech delays

Hormonal Issues


Mental issues

Mood Disorders
Sleep Disorders
Stress Disorder
Mid-life Crises

Skin & Hair Issues
Fungal Infections
Lichen planus
Hair Fall/Alopecia
Bones & Joints

Heel Spur
Back Pain
Slip Disc
Rheumatoid arthritis

Sports injury

Kidney & Heart

Nephrotic Syndrome
Blood Pressure
Heart Block

Gastric Issues

Irritable Bowel
Gall Stones
Fatty Liver

Frequently Asked Question

Is homeopathy safe?

Homeopathic medications have no side effects since it has no material substance. If taken under the supervision of a homeopath it is completely safe.

What problems can be treated using homeopathy?

Homeopathic treatment is individualized and not based on a medical diagnosis. The symptoms of the patient is taken into account when prescribing the remedy. Thus homeopathic remedies can be given for any illness (physical or mental).

Does homeopathy interfere with regular medications?

No, Homeopathy does not interfere with regular medications. In many chronic cases like diabetes, thyroid etc. homeopathic treatment can be started alongside conventional treatment. In many cases, over a period of time, the need for conventional medicines gradually reduces. 

What to expect in the first consultation?

First consultation for chronic problems usually takes up to one hour where I take a note your entire medical and personal history. This helps me understand the evolution of the problem, trigger factors, direct/ indirect causes and medical interventions that might have had an effect. My treatment approach is largely homeopathic with add-on diet and exercise advice for a quicker result. As one is aware, most lifestyle issues can be sorted out with diet changes and incorporation of mild exercises into the routine. Without these add-ons, it takes longer for the issue to resolve. 

Does it take long to see the effect of Homeopathic treatment

While it is a common notion that homeopathic treatment in chronic cases takes a time to act, I believe it is quite fast and effective. One can experience instant relief in acute conditions whereas chronic cases take longer to resolve because of the nature of the illness. In any case, if the correct remedy is chosen, there is a definite improvement within a few weeks. 

Why are follow-ups important?

Follow-ups are important in chronic cases because the remedy requirement could change over time. When one comes for a follow-up regularly, I can assess the necessity to change the medicine, increase the dosage, increase the potency or re-take the case. 

Is Homeopathy safe for children?

Yes, homeopathy is the safest mode of treatment in babies and children. It has no side-effects and we can see instant shift in the level of health of the child after starting treatment. 

What do these small pills contain?

Homeopathic medicines are prepared from natural substances using alcohol as the base. This liquid medicine is dispensed in the form of pills for easier administration. All pills look the same but the liquid that is put in them determines the medicinal effect of the pills. 


Is it true that homeopathic medicines take long to act?

No, the effect of homeopathic medicine can be both immediate and delayed. It depends on many factors like diagnosis, extent of pathology, age of the person, organ or system involved, etc. 


My child falls sick very often. Do Homeopathic medicines help in improving immunity?

Yes, homeopathy can help reduce the duration and severity of sickness in children and also strengthen immunity against other diseases. It also helps in improving appetite, digestion, absorption and assimilation of food thereby addressing nutritional deficiencies.


Is it safe to take homeopathic medicines during pregnancy?

Yes, homeopathy is extremely safe to take during pregnancy and labour. In fact, since it is not advised to take drugs like antibiotics,  pain killers, and steroids during pregnancy, many obstetricians themselves suggest homeopathy to pregnant women as an alternative.  


Is it safe to treat children below the age of 5?

Yes, it is extremely safe to treat even a new born using homeopathy. 


Why should Homeopathy be your first choice?

For any disease, homeopathy should be the first choice because it is gentle, safe, effective, and without side-effects. It treats the root cause of the issue without just suppressing the symptoms. It also gradually improves immunity and helps the body cope better with any sickness in the future

What are your consultation charges?

A full first consultation costs ₹450 (plus additional charges for medicine). Follow-ups are free and will be charged only for the dispensed medicines.

What do you do if you cannot come to the clinic?

We have an option for phone/ video consultations and the medicines will be couriered. Clients will incur an additional cost for the courier.