Bonding with your baby

“When you hold your baby for the first time, your maternal instincts will kick in and you will know what to do. This is a very common phrase we hear but it is far from true. Some mothers are exhausted from birth and just want to sleep and not even look at the baby. Some of them are anxious, worried and filled with self-doubt. Some mothers experience depression and are unable to feel the joy when they look at their baby.

Mother Smiling With Newborn Baby

All these are various scenarios that might happen after birth and no one prepares the parents for these situations.


Some tips to help the mother bond better with the baby:

  • Make sure the baby is skin-to-skin with the mother within an hour of birth

  • Let the mother sleep when the baby sleeps 

  • Give unrestricted access to the breast so that the baby can feed on demand

  • Make sure she is well fed and hydrated. Mothers tend to forget about themselves and it’s the job of her support crew (partner, family or friends) to make sure she is comfortable.

  • Give her some baby-free time each day to help her unwind

  • Always reassure her when she falls into a loop of self-doubt