Breast-Feeding Counseling

After the birth, everything becomes about the baby and the mother is usually sidelined. But I believe that up to 3 months after birth is the golden period not only for the baby but also for the mother. Her body undergoes a tremendous amount of stress from the hormonal changes and it takes the body3-6 months to adjust to it. Some mothers also undergo immediate post-partum depression where they are unable to bond with the baby or feel like crying all the time.

Mother Breastfeeding Baby

The risk of PPD is higher in women who have experienced a traumatic birth. 

This is the golden period where the mother needs constant care, support and reassurance not only to initiate breast-feeding but also to maintain it. Everything from milk supply to baby latching impacts the psyche of the mother and ready access to breast-feeding counseling goes a long way improving her confidence. 

Our natural instincts like breathing, digestion etc. work automatically and don’t have to be learned where as our skills like walking, running etc. are natural as well but have to be learned and practiced. Breast-feeding is a natural instinct that has to be learned and that gets perfected with practice. So every new mother is never perfect at it in the beginning. Counseling gives her the reassurance that she is on the right path and she’s not alone in facing challenges in this journey. 

Our pregnancy classes prepare you for your breast-feeding journey before birth. We also provide lactation counseling after birth and homeopathic support as and when needed.

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