Autism spectrum disorders

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a neuro-developmental disorder characterized by persistent difficulties in social communication and social interaction, coupled with restricted, repetitive patterns of behavior or interest. The spectrum is pretty wide and can include many behavior issues as well. The exact cause of this is not known but we do understand that there are many factors can increase the risk of a child developing Autism.

Factors affecting brain development and increasing risk of Autism

The symptoms can occur across various spheres and in varying intensity.

Role of homeopathy in ASD

Homeopathy has a definitive role to play in ASD, in addition to speech therapy, behavioral therapies and occupational therapy. Behavioral, sensory and regressive symptoms show a marked improvement (and even totally disappear) after homeopathic treatment. Speech delay and cognition are slow to improve but over a period even there is a marked difference.

A case of Autism with sudden bowel regression

A 13 year old boy’s mother came in seeking treatment for sudden regression in her child’s potty training. Around 6 months back, he started soiling his pants and started passing stools at least6-8 times in a day. He refused to go to the toilet even if asked. The mother says he not only soils his pants but he sometimes even plays with it or tastes it.

After 3 weeks of treatment, the changes the mother saw in her own words:

“After the first dose itself, noticed a visible change in his temper and sleep. From the very next day his number of stools came down to 2-3 per day and he even went to the toilet for some of them. Today I am extremely happy to report that he hasn’t soiled his pants in a week both at home and in school.”

Other than the symptoms the mother came in for, she also noticed other changes in him.

He was calmer than before and slept better through the night. His visual stimming reduced considerably. He started to chew his food much better while before he was only swallowing them.

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