Toothache and Homeopathy

Homeopathy is widely used in various ailments, but it works wonderfully as a pain relief and sometimes even curative in dental issues.

1. Physiological toothache

This happens when there is toothache but no pathological condition in the teeth or gums. It happens usually when the surrounding sinuses are inflamed and they put pressure on the teeth causing the pain. Physiological toothache is also seen as a referred pain in migraines and headaches. Dental visits in these cases are futile because the cause of the pain is elsewhere. A detailed homeopathic case-taking is required in these cases.

2. Gum bleeding or swelling

There are many causes of gum bleeding including plaque formation, chronic acidity, vitamin deficiency, lack of oral hygiene, cigarette smoking or tobacco chewing and pregnancy. As you can see, it is important to determine the cause of gum bleeding to order to treat it more permanently. Homeopathy gives wonderful results in some of the systemic causes of gum bleeding. There are no quick prescriptions for this as detailed case taking is required.

3. Teething troubles in babies and children

The appearance of teeth can be a painful process in some babies and children. Some children also complain of rashes, diarrhea and fever during teething. Homeopathic remedies such as , etc. have a wonderful calming effect on children especially during these times.

4. Post extraction toothache/ swelling

Homeopathy acts quickly and as a pain relief post tooth extraction. It reduces dependency on pain killers and also helps hasten the healing process. Although there are many remedies that can be used for this, Arnica and Hypericum are the ones most commonly given.

5. Tooth sensitivity

Lack of enamel coating exposes the tooth to extreme sensitivity to hot/ cold drinks, cold air, food etc. are some of the common homeopathic remedies given for this condition. A detailed case taking would be necessary if the recurs frequently.

Note: The remedies mentioned in this article are merely suggestions and do not replace a proper consultation with a homeopath.

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