Pregnancy Yoga

Exercise plays a major part in your pregnancy preparation. It is important to remain active and moving throughout pregnancy and not just in the last few weeks.

Myth #1: You shouldn’t exercise in the first trimester

This is the most common myth that all mothers have and all elders propagate.

Pregnant Woman Staying Fit

Unless medically indicated you can exercise in the first trimester as well but it has to be what your body can do or take. If you’re an athlete or dancer or used to rigorous exercises prior to being pregnant, you can continue your routine but just reduce the intensity. Anything that puts a load on your stomach like crunches, bhujangasan etc. should be avoided. All gentle exercises including walking can be done in the first trimester.

A lot of the times women don’t even realize they are pregnant until the 10th week and they continue living life as usual!

 Myth #2: I just need to do squats in the last month for easy birth

Yes, squats do help in easier birthing process but provided you have kept yourself active throughout. The exercise intensity should be increased gradually as the months progress and after 34/36 weeks you can push it up a notch.

Myth #3: High risk pregnancies are a contraindication to exercises

Not all high risk pregnancies are contraindications to exercises. After taking consent from your gynecologist, women with high risk pregnancy can also do exercises tailor-made for them and their condition. Not all women would be able to do all the exercises, but all women can definitely do some that suit them.

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Myth #4: Walking is enough exercise

No, walking is not exercise. Walking only uses certain set of muscles where as exercise helps you focus on many other muscles including the pelvic muscles, abdominal muscles, shoulder muscles, hamstrings, glutes and calf muscles. Keeping your pelvis and hip joint supple and flexible will make your birthing experience much easier. You might be walking 45 minutes a day or even more, but if you are not exercising then you are not moving the right set of joints and muscles. 

Since I have busted all the myths, go get yourself moving momma! Or join us for a pregnancy class session and experience it for yourself.

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